Krakow, drawings by Joanna Czechowska Krakow, drawings by Joanna Czechowska

Kraków is my home.
Its history, monuments and atmosphere are part and parcel of my life. I would like to show you the Kraków that I know, with all its bright as well as dark pages. I would like to show you both the royal side of Kraków and the villainous one - everything that makes Kraków such a special place.

St Mary's Church, Kraków, drawing by Joanna Czechowska

St Mary's Church

The two unequal towers indeed were a silent witness to an outburst of some real human emotions. The over-ambitious older brother, afraid that his younger brother would build a higher tower, killed him with a knife. He then confessed and jumped off his tower.

St Florian's Gate, Kraków, drawing by Joanna Czechowska

St Florian's Gate

An electric tram went under the gate for 50 years. By no means was it easy, though. Each time, the pantograph had to be unhinged and the tram had to coast on momentum. Still, it left a tiny scratch on the ceiling.

Town Hall Tower, Kraków, drawing by Joanna Czechowska

Town Hall Tower

In 1703 a tremendous wind storm tilted the Tower. As a result, the Tower, which leans 55 centimeters, is sometimes referred to as “the leaning tower of Kraków.”

St Peter and St Paul's Church, Kraków, drawing by Joanna Czechowska

St Peter and St Paul's Church

Every Thursday inside the Church one can see for themselves that the Earth really rotates. This is possible thanks to the longest and the lightest Foucault pendulum in Poland.

St Adalbert Church, Kraków, drawing by Joanna Czechowska

St Adalbert Church

Christ on the church cross had been carved hairless. During the Baroque Period it got both a crown and a natural wig. Legend has it that the hair has to be cut once in a while because it...grows!

Trip ideas

What to do in an hour
Planty Garden Ring
Wawel Cathedral
The Main Square

Two quick hours
Barbican, Florianska, The Main Square
Jewish Kazimierz
Krakow University

Well spent three hours
Royal Road
Jewish and Christian Kazimierz
The Main Square, Colegium Maius, Szczepanski Square, Matejki Square, City Walls, Florianska
Krakow University, St Anna Church, St. Francis of Assisi's Church, All Saints' Square, All Saints' Church

Four comfortable hours
Royal Road and Wawel Cathedral
The Main Square, Krakow University, All Saints' Square, Wawel Hill, Wawel Cathedral
Jewish Kazimierz and Podgorze - Krakow Ghetto

Other trip ideas:
Stanislaw Wyspianski Route
Kosciuszko Route
Nowa Huta
Podgorze - imperial city
Each trip can be individually modified according to one's needs and interests, so please remember:

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My name is Joanna. I am a professional painter. I usually paint portraits because I am fascinated with people. You might think otherwise but being a travel guide is not so remote from being a painter, or an artist, for that matter. On the contrary, after all Krakow is not only a Royal city but also a city of art and artists. Time and time again I come across signs of great artistry here, and each monument, each place bears its own mystery that is worth discovering. Let me take you on a trip around Krakow, an unusual trip back in time, and discover all Krakow mysteries!

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